Hello Pal

Overcoming cultural barriers, being able to talk to the whole world. No matter where you were born or what is your level of knowledge of a foreign language, because Hello Pal will be you added skill. An application for travelers who run all over the world or maybe need to reach a city for major international events such the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hello Pal, learning foreign languages live

Hello Pal helps to overcome language barriers for any need that a person can have. Whether to ask for a WiFi password or invite someone to have a drink. No problem, because with today’s smartphones you can do everything; and thanks to very high-performance applications, you can find the way to your own needs in few seconds.

Sure, there are products such as iTranslate, Google Translate, etc., but in order to communicate with another mother tongue speaker you need to have everything in real time via an application. This is the Hello Pal goal, a social messaging application designed for language learning. Users are connected with speakers of many languages around the world.

Not just writing… speaking!

Compared to the most popular language platforms already existing, Hello Pal has a social advantage in the interpersonal user experience. Users collect new language skills in real-time conversations with real people. People of all ages and nationalities can talk with other native speakers and also learn how to pronounce words and phrases, instead of learning to repeat just writing.

Di Luca Talotta

Nasce in Calabria, cresce a Milano. Mezzadro del mestiere, si sente più blogger che giornalista. Una vita trascorsa a pane e calciomercato, segue tutti gli sport ma non ne pratica uno, teoria che ha accompagnato i più grandi giornalisti italiani. Che sia la strada giusta? Forse. Per ora si diletta a fare il giornalista. Con che risultati, decidete voi...

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